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Mom In Blue Notices How Day Care Worker Treats Her Daughter And Hands Her An Envelope

It was a usual daily ritual for Brittney Nichols to take her 2-year-old-daughter to the Benton Preschool and Childcare.

Her daughter was born premature, with special health needs.

Brittney knows that her daughter is in good hands with Christy Owens, a daycare employee who always greets them with a smile.

Later on a Sunday, Brittney saw her walking to Church with a bible.

From her observation, Brittney knew that Christy did not have a car.

So she decided to gather a fund from donations from other parents and the rest of the community.

After a few weeks, Brittney had gathered a sufficient amount of money to buy a pre-owned Chevy Cavalier.

The remaining amount of money was used to enroll Christy in a driving class and driving insurance.

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