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Grandpa Stands With 2 Little Girls, Their Unique Dance Is Going Viral On The Internet

When you think of the shuffle dance, the image of an elderly man doesn’t typically come to mind – but this video is sure to challenge those ideas! With that being said, you usually don’t think of a pair of very young children when it comes to shuffling either, and again, this video puts that to the test! A grandfather and two young girls head out into the street, looking like they’re going for a stroll.

Image Credit: YouTube

But then, music begins to play, and the three of them take to the center of the pathway and begin to bust out some awesome moves! In perfect tandem, the three kick from side to side, moving their arms and legs smoothly and pulling off some seriously awesome coordinated moves! The grandfather does more than just keep up with his little dancing partners – he holds his own impressively and quickly becomes the center of attention.

Image Credit: YouTube

Dancing to a simple 舞曲 (“tiaoqu”, meaning ‘dancing music’) tune, these three have no problem remembering their moves and showing off all their talents and skills in this unique and modern take on Chinese 广场舞 (“guangchangwu”, meaning ‘square dancing’ or ‘plaza dancing’).

The contrast between the spry young girls and the elderly yet suave old man make this a truly memorable street performance!