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Dancer Sits Alone On Stage, Then Judges Get Confused When 8 More Show Up Behind Him

More and more lately we seem to see acts on America’s Got Talent that Simon Cowell actually likes! The video clip below features Light Balance, and it was posted on June 20, 2017. As their name implies, Light Balance is all about balance and light. The act starts in total darkness, then slowly a man lights up the room after he rises up from the floor.

You can almost feel the anticipation during the silence before the song “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars starts to play. Soon there is an entire team of dancing people on stage – they seem to appear and then disappear. The lights flash, and a different song plays, this one is “Five More Hours” by Deorro and Chris Brown.

Take a look at this video

After such a stunning performance, it shouldn’t’ surprise you to know they got the coveted golden buzzer!

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