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Dad Watches A Video Of His Daughter’s Birth And Notices Something He Didn’t See The First Time

We all have our own moments where we discover insight into life, faith, or something that drives us. Even comedian Michael Jr. has had that revelation, and it’s all thanks to some nostalgia and his daughter. In a message originally made for Father’s Day, the comedian talks about going through old video footage and finding some that he recorded from when his youngest daughter was born.

During this video, she’s crying a lot, eyes sealed shut as she does so, and Michael is watching her. Then, Michael decides to speak. He hushes her, telling her that he is here and that everything is okay. As she hears her father’s voice, the baby girl stops crying, almost as though she hears his voice.

Take a look at this video!

To him, it’s a sign for believing in God and listening to him, opening his eyes when God speaks to him. So look out for things that can strengthen your faith, too! Share away, people!