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Daddy Wants Baby To Say ‘Papa,’ Her Comeback Instead Is Going Viral On The Internet

Babies seem to laugh for the darndest reasons! It’s like they find just about everything funny, and as adults, it’s difficult to see what could possibly be making them laugh so much. Most modern studies seem to conclude that babies laugh for a huge variety of reasons, but often they laugh because their Mom or Dad is doing something to entertain them. Aww!

Image Credit: YouTube

This Dad is trying to teach his little baby girl, Nowah, to say “mama” and “papa” while they’re out for a walk. While she has no trouble with “mama”, she has a tendency to pronounce “papa” as “baba”, which led Dad to continue repeating the word “papa” by emphasizing the “p” sound. But when he starts really getting into that word, Nowah begins to burst into tiny little giggles!

Image Credit: YouTube

It seems that the funny way Dad has to pronounce “papa” to teach her how to sound out the word is just far too hilarious for little Nowah to handle. She can’t stop giggling and laughing, and in turn, that makes Dad chuckle too. Before they know it, the two of them are caught in an endless loop of the word “papa” and full belly laughter!

This adorable moment between a father and daughter is just too precious to handle and will make a hilarious memory for Nowah to laugh at when she gets older!