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Dad Found The Perfect Way To Keep His Baby Sleeping Peacefully (Video)

Dads can be rather creative when it comes to taking care of the baby! Men think they have it all figured out! They think that taking care of an infant is easy! The trouble is that dads only take care of the baby for a few hours at a time – so, yes, for a few hours, taking care of an infant is not too bad.

Try caring for an infant 24/7, and that tune may change! The dad in this video came up with a cute way to get his baby to sleep when mom went out for ‘me’ time one afternoon. I have to say that is one impressive RC truck!

Take a look at this video!

The baby was clearly enjoying the ride! But, dad, you realize that baby will soon outgrow that truck, and you will have to think of something else! But, 10 out of 10 for creativeness!

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