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Dad Wakes Up To Strange Kid On His Doorstep, Gets Car Keys When Boy Asks For A Ride To School

Knock, knock, someone, is at your front door! Do you answer it or just hope that they will go away?! I take the second option, if I wasn’t expecting anyone, I would not answer the door! Brian Smith decided to take option number one when he heard someone knocking on his front door one morning.

Smith, a father of one, was a little confused when he opened the door and saw a boy he had never seen before standing there. The boy was in need of help. Turns out the boy had missed the bus and needed a ride to school.

The kid was going door to door trying to find a ride! Brian’s door was the third one the kid had tried. Brian didn’t hesitate – he gave him a ride!!

He also set a good example for his young daughter that helping people is the way you should try to live. Brian shared his experience in a Facebook post and pointed out that our youth are the future and their education has no price tag!

I think the boy is also to be commended here – imagine how easy it would have been just to go back home and have a day off! Brian’s post was appreciated by many and shared over 100,000 times!

Well, the next time someone knocks on my door in the morning, I may check the peephole first. Who knows, maybe there is a child who needs a ride to school – and I would be happy to help! Share away, people!