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Dad Slips Tape Recorder In 10-Year-Old’s Pocket. What He Hears Leaves Him In Tears

Having a child with autism is challenging enough, but to get reports that your child is becoming violent at school would be devastating. Often times, children with autism may not be able to explain their feelings or behaviors. Stuart Chaifetz decided to put a tape recorder in his son, Akian’s pocket to find out what was going on. Akian was gentle and quiet at home, so things weren’t adding up.

The school was no help, but the tape recorder told a terrible story. Akian’s teacher was clueless. The ignorant teacher didn’t know Akian was autistic and actually was heard bullying him and calling him a “bastard!” Stuart shared the video on YouTube – some people were horrified that the teacher was secretly recorded, but other people praised him for being an advocate for his son.

Take a look at this video

What a terrible example that teacher was – the superintendent said they would respond both swiftly and appropriately.

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