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Man Claims To Have The Evidence Of His Dad Killing A Bigfoot Years Ago

A New York State resident by the name of Peter Kaine claims he has proof that his father actually killed a creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, while on a hunting trip 64 years ago.

Many people are enamored of the legend surrounding Bigfoot, believed to be a tall, gigantic creature that resembles a gorilla living in forested wilderness areas, possessing extra large feet that leave gigantic footprints in the woods.

Although many individuals claimed to have seen or photographed this mystical creature, none have been able to produce hard evidence that it really exists, until now.

Kaine is making headlines by claiming his family has kept Bigfoot body parts frozen for more than six decades.

His family’s strange adventure began when his father and his friend encountered Sasquatch on a hunting trip, shooting and killing it before cutting it into pieces for easier transport to take back home.

To impress his family, Peter’s dad delivered the Bigfoot’s head on a platter, grossing out his wife and totally ruining the family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Arguments over the decision to keep Bigfoot body parts ultimately led to the couple’s separation.

Now Peter Kaine is pictured on a video that’s gone viral, showcasing what he claims is the head of the Bigfoot his father shot and killed 64 years ago.

Kaine says it’s been very expensive for his family to keep the Bigfoot head and other body parts frozen for more than half a century.

On the video, when compared to his own head, the Bigfoot head that Kaine displays is more than four times a human head’s size.

It’s also too heavy for one man to carry, so Kaine asked for his neighbor’s help in getting it out of its freezer resting place.

Due to dehydration over so many years, the Bigfoot’s eyes are sunken in, with a thick black mane of fur covering the top of the head and covering the creature’s ears.

Also noticeable is the creature’s mouth filled with huge teeth.

Kaine reports that he plans to build a theme park and museum celebrating the Bigfoot legend.

No doubt visitors will have a chance to see up close and personal not only the Bigfoot head but also other body parts that have been preserved over time.