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Dad Is Murdered Before Wedding, Then A Man She’s Only Seen In Photos Shows Up To Give Her Away

In 2006, Michael Stepien was murdered in Pittsburgh, he left behind a wife and two daughters. At the time of his death, Stepien was an organ donor, and his heart was given to Arthur Thomas. In 2016, Stepien’s daughter Jeni asked Thomas in a letter if he would walk her down the aisle! It was a big risk, as Jeni and Thomas had never even met before!

Thomas wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass by – he said yes! Jeni met Thomas (aka Tom) the night before the big day. What an amazing thing! Jeni met the man who lived because her father was an organ donor! In the video below, you will meet the family and watch as the blushing bride walks down the aisle on her special day!

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Tom is forever grateful for being given a chance to live and meet the daughter of the man who basically saved his life!

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