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Dad Gets Emotional When Soldier Son Sends Birthday Greetings, But Never Expected This Surprise

Do you have trouble figuring out what to get your dad for his birthday? You are not alone! You are about to see what can only be described as the best birthday present a father could ever get! Ever. There is a big crowd gathered to celebrate the man’s 50th birthday. It looks like all his family and friends are there to celebrate.

We then learn that the man’s son is not there at the party. His son is serving his country in Bahrain. But he was able to record a special video message for his dad. You can’t help but get a little choked up as you listen to the message. The Birthday “boy” is teary eyed. But, then the big surprise is revealed!

Grab a tissue and enjoy!

The man’s son just walked in the door! Happy Birthday, Dad! What an amazing reunion video. Share away, people!