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Family Dog Drags Dad Down To The Water, And He Nearly Collapses At What He Sees

For those of you who may think that dogs are just animals, here is a story that proves they are so much more than that. At a home near Brisbane, Australia, two-year-old Alexander Kenny walked away from his family when they were visiting some friends. No one realized that Alexander was gone, except the family’s 9-year-old dog, Leala.

Two-year-olds are curious and so are dogs, Leala probably followed the toddler to see what fun they could find. Unfortunately, Alexander ended up face down, unconscious and in some water near a dam.

Leala knew that something was terribly wrong and ran back to the house and started to bark. David Kenny, Alexander followed his terrier to the dam and found Alexander. For 27 terrifying minutes, David tried to revive his son with CPR. The paramedics were able to get Alexander stable, and he was taken to a hospital in Brisbane.