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Dad Steps Outside With Daughters And Whistles. Moments Later, Swarm Of Parrots Takes Over Porch

We often hear jokes about Australia’s wildlife. The Land Down Under’s unique and crazy animals – from giant spiders to ridiculously strong kangaroos – have almost become an internet meme. But if there’s one video that shows just how insane animal life is in that country, it’s this one!

Gordon McCoullough and his two daughters figured that it was as good a day as any to head outside and feed the wild parrots in the area. Gordon held out the seeds in his hand and started to whistle to coax the birds to them while his wife Sally filmed him. It started out slow. No parrots seemed to respond, but then a couple flew onto the balcony, excitedly grabbing at the seeds.

Take a look at this video

One by one, more parrots began to appear until an entire flock had arrived in droves on the patio. They perched everywhere – on George’s hands, on his daughters’ heads, on every single surface, all hoping to grab a quick bite! Gordon has since continued this tradition, going outside every single day to feed these hungry and energetic birds. Amazing! Share away, people!