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Dad Chops Off Daughter’s Hair After Mom Gets Her Highlights

Growing up is a process that is often fraught with plenty of trials and tribulations.

Everything can just be difficult for a child who is trying to learn their place in the world and slowly building up their own mental encyclopedia on how to face the world.

Because of this, every milestone should be appreciated and celebrated with glee and excitement.

After all, this means that one’s child is further along their gradual transformation to being a fully-grown, independent adult.

This sort of growth is certainly something that should be encouraged!

So when Kelsey asked her mother, Christin Johnson, if she could have her hair highlighted for her 13th birthday, her mother was more than happy to oblige.

Bearing in mind that hair is called one’s crowning glory and its state is considered to be an indicator of the person’s well-being and mental health, it is understandable why Kelsey would want to try having her hair highlighted.

This is without even considering the fact that styling one’s hair is naturally an extension of how the average person expresses themselves as well.

And when you are a budding teenager eager to assert your own personality and identity, the ability to style your hair on a more permanent basis via coloring is pretty important.

It was clear that her working mother, Christin, was well aware of this fact, since she enthusiastically agreed to the idea.

She booked an appointment for the two of them at their favorite salon for Kelsey’s birthday, and then the mother-daughter duo spent the rest of the day getting pampered and having a wonderful bonding time over styling their hair.

Kelsey got the beautiful blonde highlights she was hoping for in her dark brown hair, and Christin got her hair similarly done, albeit with a perm.

The two took a few happy photos that Christin posted to Facebook before Kelsey was dropped off at her father and stepmother’s house a few days later.

Neither of them realised that was to be the last time that they would see Kelsey’s glorious mane in that condition.

On her next visit, Christin was greeted with a horrendous sight. Her daughter’s long locks have been shorn off into a brutally short, poorly-done pixie cut with shaved sides.

This was a massive blow to both mother and daughter – the former for realising she had been unable to protect her daughter from such an act, and the latter for having something she was so proud of an integral to her identity completely destroyed.

Christin soon took to Facebook to vent her frustration and horror about this incident.

The public post soon went viral, prompting investigation from local police into whether this was possibly a case of abuse.

In the meantime, both parents have been suspended from their volunteer work as firefighters by the Wood County Job and Family Services and put on administrative leave.

Here is to hoping that this matter will be resolved quickly, especially considering a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing is at stake.

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