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Dad Comes Up With A Brilliant Hack To Free His Naughty Boy’s Head Stuck In A Fence

Oh, kids, they are a joy and such a handful all at once! Kids are curious, just like pets and they often find themselves in ‘tricky’ situations. Ideally, they can get out of those situations on their own, but sometimes, you need your dad to step in and give you a hand. In this video, mom is standing by recording the whole thing for posterity!

The little boy, Joey, has gotten his head stuck between the bars on a railing. Mom is the first one to find her son stuck and she asks him how he did it! But, don’t worry – dad is on his way. Even the family dogs are there, probably for moral support. The black and white dog seems to understand the seriousness of the situation. Things are looking pretty grim, dad seems stumped. Then, Joey has an idea!

Watch and see how Joey got unstuck!

I can bet the boy won’t ever touch the fence ever again! Thank goodness for dad and his brilliant hack, though!
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