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Dad Asks His Boxer, ‘Are You A Dog, Or Are You A Baby?’

We all talk to our dogs, but we may not admit that to too many people. When I talk to my furry family members they usually just wag their tails or meow back (depending on their species!). The big boxer in this video is on his dad’s’ lap, and dad (and mom) ask him a question, “Are you a dog, or are you a baby?”

The man puts a little emphasis on the word baby and gets a hilarious reaction from the dog! It isn’t hard to tell that the dog doesn’t like to be called a baby. I mean who would? The dog isn’t a baby – or maybe he would prefer to be called a ‘big baby!” LOL At least dad apologizes for calling the dog a baby.

Take a look at this video

I can imagine that this reaction has happened before and will happen again!

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