It’s not always easy to fall asleep. There are some nights where you lay awake and wonder why you haven’t headed off to Dreamland yet.

But that’s for adults – so what’s it like for babies who can’t seem to close their eyes when their parents want them to?

Or for young children screaming that they don’t want it to be bedtime?

Image Credit: YouTube

That’s where helpful sleeping aids come in.

Parents might read their kids a bedtime story or sing them a lovely little lullaby to help them drift off into a good night’s sleep.

But does the same thing work with babies from a different species – like kittens or puppies?

Apparently, it just might have the same effect with the right “parent”!

Image Credit: YouTube

This dog owner was trying to convince a restless litter of five active and energetic puppies to finally settle down and turn in for the day, but they kept bouncing around, howling, and whining!

So he decided to lull them to sleep with a little song. He told them it was time for bed and, as they protested, began to sing a song.

It was “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite” – a classic from the 1950s!

His soft, gentle singing worked amazing wonders.

Before long, the puppies began to lay down, curling up and drifting off one by one before the eyes of Mom, filming as Dad sang to them all.

Before the song was even over, the puppies were beginning to snooze.

It’s unbelievable what an effect the lullaby had on these puppies!

If you have pets, maybe you should try singing them to sleep, too!