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Dad Who Went Viral Releases New Hair-Raising Performance, Leaving Internet Without Words

You may remember the name Kris Jones from a video that went viral sometime in 2016. Kris, a father from Texas, did a cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” while driving in the car. Kris’s daughter, Dayla, took the video and posted it online. Since that time, Kris has a lot of people wondering if he was going to sing again. He has his own fan club! His video was viewed over 32 million times, and he even made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Kris auditioned for The Voice but was rejected.

Image Credit: YouTube

But Kris did say when he was talking with Ellen that some people from the show expressed interest in him trying again. Well, if you are one of those fans, you are in luck! Kris has filmed a new video, and he is singing again! This time he is doing a cover of Brett Young’s song “In Case You Didn’t Know.” The song was a huge hit when Young released it, and it was his first number one single.

Image Credit: YouTube

Young was even named a top country radio artist. Young is working on his second album, and it is expected to be out late this year. The song is an emotional journey, and Kris does a stellar job with his cover! The only accompaniment to his voice is one guitar.

With a voice like this, he shouldn’t have to be on a television show, someone should sign him up to make his own album! Share away, people!