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Dachshund Reunites With His Favorite Toy From Puppyhood And His Reaction Is Beyond Adorable

When you were a kid you probably had your favorite toy – right? I had this one LEGO man that was my favorite, and I had to hide it from my younger brother to be sure I would always be able to play with him! In this video, we meet Finn, the dachshund, who has a favorite toy – a squeaky pig known as Piggy.

The original Piggy didn’t make it much past Finn’s puppyhood but Finn’s owner, Kyle Jason Lowell found another one! It has been five years since Finn has seen his good pal Piggy! The cuteness you are about to witness may send you into shock! Lowell said that Finn is being really careful with this toy and he carries it gently from room to room.

Take a look at this video

Finn is not going to ruin the Piggy and will have it for years to come! Enjoy!

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