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Cyclists Speed Down The Road, Then A Massive Ostrich Starts Hilarious Race With Them

With the Cape Argus Tour just around the corner, cyclists who plan to travel to attend the event in South Africa have been training and practicing diligently. For these three cyclists, the Cape of Good Hope seemed like as good a spot as any for a little riding. The peaceful location seemed relaxing and the perfect, stress-free place to get some exercise and training in.

Image Credit: YouTube

But just as they thought they were in for a day of chilling, a wild animal came tearing down the road straight in their direction! The cyclists look over their shoulders in terror, powerless to do anything but peddle as fast as they can as an ostrich rushes right up to where they are and begins running right behind them.

You can see the pure fright on their faces as they’re not sure what the bird wants!

Image Credit: YouTube

As they continue to cycle, the bird matches their pace and runs alongside them, and suddenly it becomes abundantly clear that the ostrich isn’t intent on hurting them – it just wants to join the unofficial race! It peacefully lopes next to the cyclists, keeping a small distance away from them but still managing to look like one of the gang.

The cyclists are now more amused than worried, although they’re still wary of the ostrich, but it’s just the thrill they needed to get the adrenaline pumping. This incredible moment was captured on video by one of the three cyclists. Check it out here!

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