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Cyclist Quickly Stuffs Lost Kitten In His Shirt… Then His Heart Explodes

Cyclists don’t have a lot of pockets in the gear they wear when they ride. It is all about speed and aerodynamics. The more things you carry with you, the heavier you are, and the slower you go! Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca didn’t need any pockets when he found a kitten in need of help, he just put the kitten inside his shirt!

It was either that, or leave the kitten to fend for herself, and Fonseca wasn’t willing to do that! As you may imagine, the video below went viral once it was shared on Fonseca’s Facebook page! The kitten was both happy and probably a little scared all at once to have been rescued!

Take a look at this video

You can imagine that would be a very different mode of travel for such a young kitten! Happily, Fonseca was able to find the kitten a loving forever home nearby!

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