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17 Of The World’s Cutest Dog Posts To Warm Your Heart

You love them, we love them, and everyone loves them. What are we talking about? Animal posts, of course!

And there are few animal posts people love more than ones involves man’s best friend.

Dogs are adorable, loyal, and loving, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who genuinely doesn’t like them.

There’s just something about looking at and appreciating posts featuring dogs online that puts a smile on one’s face.

Is it their wagging tails? Their goofy grins? Their floppy, or stand-up, ears?

The fact that they seem to only be full of love and affection for literally everything and everyone around them? All at once? Who knows?

All we know is that dog posts are like virtual happy pills.

If you’re having a bad day, all you need to do is look through these types of posts and you can’t help but feel a little bit more comforted.

It’s like getting a nice warm hug from one of these lovely pooches through the screen!

So if you’re feeling a little down today, or just want to look at something light and fluffy, don’t fret, because we’ve collected some amazingly funny, sweet, or just plain cute dog-related posts that are sure to make you grin.

Here are 17 adorable dog posts from all around the Internet! We hope they make your day just a bit brighter!

1. This lucky person was having a rotten day, but as soon as this pup trotted over to the bus stop and asked for pets from them, their day became great again!

2. This pup, who you must be wary of!

3. This pup, who grew up in direct proportion to his human.

4. This dog, who is dressed to impress.

5. This mother asked her 4-year-old son to put their brand new puppy to bed on his first night in their home, and this was the adorable result.

6. This dog, who has the goofiest smile now that he’s been adopted…

7. … and this one, who may have just found his birth family?

8. Hig the dog loves to sit on this person’s doorstep and howl as loudly as he can until the person inside acknowledges him. And no, that isn’t Hig’s house!

9. This heartbreaking photo, which shows that this loving pup still leaves space for her lost friend.

10. This blind pup, who waits for Mom to come back loyally… at the wrong door.

11. This dog, who has made a very big mistake…

12. … and this one, who also made a mistake, but seems to regret it a lot less than the people around him!

13. And also this one, but we’d say this is the kind of mistake you want to make!

14. This precious little pooch, who wears his heart on his fur.

15. These loving neighbors…

16. … and these new ones, who can’t wait to meet the people next door!

17. This gentle giant who has made a delicate, beautiful friend.

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