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Cute Husky Pup Misses Mommy So Much He Tells The Sitter He Wants His Mama

Do you ever wonder if your pet misses you when you are gone for the day? If you have a dog, you know that every time you walk in the house you are always greeted by an enthusiastic dog – even if you just walked to the mailbox – you get the same crazy-happy greeting!

So, yes, I think it is safe to say that if you are gone for an hour or more, your dog misses you. The dog in this video, Simba, has been dropped off at a friend’s house while his owner does some errands. Simba is clearly not in a good mood about it and misses his momma! Listen carefully when Simba “talks,” it sounds like he is crying for his momma!

Take a look at this video

Poor Simba! At least his owner was kind enough to leave him with friends and not home alone. Share away, people!