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Diner Takes Quickie Look At Young Server’s “Gross” Appearance And Demands New Waitress

Ashley Chiarizzio, 24, has tattoos, piercings, and blue hair.

She also works as a waitress at a Red Robin restaurant in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Recently, a customer asked the manager for a different waitress because she didn’t like the way Chiarizzo looked.

Red Robin doesn’t have any policy that says their servers can’t have tattoos or piercings.

Chiarizzio was in tears when she heard the request and took to Facebook to tell her story.

We all have heard the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover – it applies to people too.

Chiarizzo’s post earned her a lot of support and many people posted supportive comments.

All the servers at the Red Robin the following night had sprayed their hair blue in support of Chiarizzo!

Take a look at her!


Image Credit: Facebook

Red Robins’ policy is not to provide a customer with a new server if they request one based on discrimination!

Kudos to Red Robin!

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