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Mom Swears By ‘Miracle’ Trick For Getting Rid Of Sunburn In Just 30 Minutes

We’ve all seen those ridiculous, clickbait health advice tips that are all extremely dodgy and questionable.

One moment, one health tip is in and real, and the next, it’s being voted as terrible with a new tip coming in to replace it.

But what if I told you that one of these tips is actually pretty credible?

This mother from Texas has found a cure for sunburn that has gone viral, and not only does she provide proof that it works, but doctors have actually approved of it and agreed that it works.

The woman’s name in Cindie Allen-Stewart, and her sunburn cure needs nothing more than a product many of us likely already have at home.

This “trick” isn’t so much of an elusive secret hack – all she does is grab some menthol shaving cream that foams and spreads it all over a sunburn.

Believe it or not, this surprisingly simple hack actually can completely cure a sunburn in mere hours.

This is a lot faster than other more commonly known methods like cold compresses!

Thanks to this trick, Allen-Steward has never had her skin peel after a sunburn.

She applies liberal shaving cream to her burn spots and it’s usually all completely gone by the next day.

Of course, she does add that you’ll likely not want to directly spray the cream onto the burns as they tend to be really cold.

Having someone help you by placing it on their hands to warm it and then applying it to your body will work wonders.

Once applied, the foam can be left to sit on the affected area for about half an hour, then rinsed away with lukewarm water.

If the burn persists to the next day, just repeat the treatment!

This small hack that Allen-Stewart learned decades ago was posted by her on Facebook after she told it to a friend and realized very few people have heard of it!

And for the first time involving these viral hacks, doctors and dermatologists are saying that this, in fact, works!

The ingredients of shaving cream make it a fantastic moisturizer, especially thanks to the coconut butter and coconut oil that many varieties of it have.

This is the ingredient that gives shaving creams their thickness.

Coupled with glycerin and other similar ingredients, these moisturizing components are great for damaged skin repair.

Plus, the menthol side of it helps to soothe those burns.

Doctors do add that while this cream is a great and acceptable remedy, it will likely not be able to treat inflammation or redness the same way a low-potency steroid cream might.

You should also not attempt to treat sunburns with this method if your sunburn is extremely severe or blistering.

It’s also important to be aware that shaving creams can cause acne, so letting them sit for half an hour may result in some breakouts if your skin is susceptible.

With any luck, you won’t need to use this viral hack at all this summer, but if you do, couple it with plenty of hydration and get good amounts of rest!

Don’t forget to use sunscreen or sunblock when you’re heading out to prevent burns!