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Boss Fired After Telling Mom Her Son Being On Life Support Is No Reason To Miss Work

When your children are sick, you might be able to take a day or two off from your job to stay at home with them.

Crystal Fisher works at a grocery store in Michigan.

She saw that she wasn’t able to make it to work because her son was ill, so she contacted her boss to make sure she could find someone else to cover her shift.

She let her know at least two days beforehand in order to give plenty of time.

Crystal’s son was in the hospital in the ICU.

He was fighting for his life and on life support.

She let her boss know the circumstances and that she would be missing work for a few days so that she could be with her son.

She wasn’t going to leave him until she knew that he would be alright.

Crystal assured her boss that she would keep her informed about her son’s condition.

Crystal’s employer sent her a text message and indicated that she felt as though Crystal was quitting.

The employer then went on to fire Crystal from her job just for being with her son.

The interaction has been shared online with others and has received quite a bit of support.

The corporate owner of the store reached out to her and let her know that she could take as much time as she needs to be with her son.