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They Hear Cries Coming From Tall Grasses, But What They Find Their Broke Everyone’s Heart

Howl of a Dog is an animal rescue organization located in Romania. They are a small nonprofit that is committed to rescuing neglected, abandoned, and abused animals. The animals they find are either living on the streets or are in the local kill shelters. The ultimate goal is to find forever homes for every animal they rescue.

Sounds like a fantastic group to me! In this story, a citizen heard the cries of a baby animal in the bushes. The bushes were alongside a country road just outside of a town. Howl of a Dog arrived on the scene and expected to find a wild animal baby in the bushes – but they didn’t. What they saw was beyond words.

Watch the video to see what was crying in those bushes

This story has a shocking beginning – but the end gets better. Please, let’s all be responsible. This is no way to treat animals. Share away, people.