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Baby Won’t Stop Crying For Mom Who’s Running Errands So Dad Holds Up Her Shirt

It is so hard to comfort a baby sometimes. You know that they have eaten and that they have on a clean diaper. Maybe they are tired – but you can’t convince them to sleep (being overtired is a very bad thing for babies!). The three-month-old boy in this video needs something. His mom has just stepped out to run some errands.

The baby was left with dad (maybe for the first time). The video was posted on March 23, 2017, and it shows just how important a mother is to a baby. The baby is lost in his tantrum – then dad pulls out one of the mom’s shirts from the laundry basket. He holds it to his son’s nose, and his son breathes in the scent of his mom. Wait until you see the reaction.

Take a look at this video!

Dad figured there would be a reaction, that is why the camera is on. So sweet! Share away, people!