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Huge Waves Come Splashing Towards Cruise Ship – Passenger’s Footage Goes Viral

Cruise ships offer fabulous vacation packages. You board the ship in one city and travel in comfort to other exotic locations! The ship itself is packed with activities and fun! But the passengers on board the Anthem Of The Seas got a little more excitement than they anticipated when a massive storm with winds up to 120 mph hit!

The waves that crashed into the ship were more than 30 feet high! One passenger decided to film the waves and are we glad he did! If you ever have wondered what a storm this powerful looks like – get ready! At one point, the third floor of the ship was underwater! It is a good thing that the Anthem Of The Seas was built to withstand such a powerful storm!

Take a look at this video

Harry Bolton, the captain a training ship known as the “Golden Bear,” says powerful storms like the one in the video are very rare. Share away, people!