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Cruel Teen Beat His Puppy To Death And Posted Pictures On Snapchat

The adorable pup you see pictured here was beaten to death by a teenager in Florida. The teen, Kevin Braganca, 18, also pictured was charged with animal cruelty. CBS 12 News reported that the pit bull puppy died from blunt force trauma. The investigation into the abuse started in April when a lawn maintenance worker saw a man beating a puppy.

The puppy was taken to an animal hospital by Bragnaca and his girlfriend. The demented couple was reportedly taking Snap Chat photos of the dead dog. Bragnaca said he would often hit his dogs to discipline them, but claimed to have no idea how this puppy had died. Reportedly, Bragnaca is already out of jail.

Take a look at this monster

teen beat puppy to death

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Let us hope that he doesn’t kill another animal and then claim to have no idea why it died. People who hit animals are the lowest form of life on earth.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]