Filmmaker and animal activist Fern Levit wondered what became of sled dogs in Canada following the busy winter season.

But she was shocked to find out the truth when she began investigating.

She visited Chocpaw Expeditions, a company that specializes in Northern Canadian adventures throughout the Ontario province.

She uncovered a sled dog farm on their private property that simply broke her heart.

Almost 200 sled dogs, tied with very short chains, were left to fend for themselves in temperatures that reached almost 100 degrees.

The dogs were not exercised on a regular basis and had nothing to do all day, conditions that endangered them not only mentally but also physically.

But because the owners of the farm did feed the dogs daily, they were within their legal obligations for their care.

Levit discovered that the abuse she saw was very typical of the dog sledding industry.

The only thing Levit could do was create a video to share online showing how badly these animals were treated when they were not working as sled dogs.

Her video has sparked an investigation that many hope will ultimately improve the plight of sled dogs when they are not pulling sleds because they certainly deserve better than the inhumane treatment they experience at the hands of the owners of Chocpaw Expeditions.

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