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Cruel Owner Dumps Her 20-Year-Old Dog At Shelter Because He Was Too Old, Deaf And Blind

Twenty years is a long time to spend with a person. In that time, you learn to trust and depend on that person. Sonoma, a 20-year-old spaniel, had lived with his human mom his entire life. Then one day, she took him to Carson Animal Shelter and just left him there. Did she have no compassion? What a betrayal.

The woman said he was too old to keep. He is deaf and blind and that she was tired of coming home to find him swimming in the pool. Seriously? Can you say heartless?! Shelter staff say Sonoma is an angel – but when he was surrendered he was stressed and confused now. He had been at the shelter since April 18, 2017, but thankfully got rescued in time.

Take a look at this video

This ‘owner’ should have gotten a toy instead of a live animal. I cannot imagine how anyone can throw away 20 years of companionship like trash.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]