cruel man kicks cat

Some people boast about being rich, others about simple acts of kindness, and some, like this cruel man, about abusing a cat.

An unidentified man thought it was a good idea to film himself mercilessly dropkicking a cat after pretending to pet it.

The animal charity RSPCA is currently in the hopes of identifying this cruel human so that he can be charged with cruelty.

Protect All Wildlife posted this extremely upsetting video on Twitter which immediately went viral among sensible humans and animal lovers alike.

The video was posted on the 25th of May and has so far been retweeted over 19,000 times, with over 2.87 million views.

The RSPCA responded to the video stating that the incident had been reported and that an investigation was underway.

They did request people with more information to contact them on 0300 1234 999.


Not only was this unidentified man barbaric enough to rain such cruelty on a poor feline, but there’s also another man, who’s probably filming this monstrosity, laughing when the poor cat was kicked with a considering amount of force.

This clip went so viral that even actor and comedian Ricky Gervais shared it online in hopes of finding the monster and charging him with cruelty.


A lot of people agree with Ricky, and they should, for the brutal and vile act performed by this sick human.

While I’m not sure what this human would have against a helpless feline, I and many others condemn this act, classifying it as cruel and inhumane.

These kinds of acts should not go unpunished.

We strongly do hope that the man in this video, along with the one recording it, be punished severely and that they are brought to justice.