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Woman Petrified To See Cruel Man Dragging His Helpless Dog Behind Scooter For Blocks

Melissa Janelle Torrez saw a man dragging a helpless dog along behind an electric scooter in South Texas. What would you do if you saw this? Melissa stopped her car and recorded it. The man dragged his German Shepherd more than two blocks. Be warned that the video is very hard to watch.

It is sad that the dog was dragged so far – why didn’t someone stop him sooner? It is a good thing that Melissa got the footage for proof, though. The poor dog was underweight too – so this was just more abuse he was suffering at the hands of this cruel man.

Take a look at this video

Happily, the man responsible, Mario Cardona, 59, has been arrested. The dog is now is safe hands. Be the voice for those who can’t speak. Pet owners need to respect their pets and care for them.

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