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Cruel Man Made His Dog Get Tattoos Around His Eyes, Nose And Ears

Photos of a dog with tattoos sparked outrage among the community recently. The photos are posted on social media at first. Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist in Southern Brazil, seemed to be the dog’s owner. Damasceno defended himself, stating that giving the white terrier tattoos would protect the dog from contracting cancer.

The reports stated that the dog has a rare form of cancer which leaves his skin exposed, thus he is vulnerable to sunlight. However, Damasceno never did provide any evidence to support his claims.The photos were eventually removed when the news spread. Even if the photos were removed, the damage has been done and netizens have also claimed that it was animal cruelty.

Image Credit: N/A

A petition was set up to have this man brought to justice and 1,000 people have already signed it. The poor dog had tattoos all over his nose, ears and eyes. It is also unclear if this man will face prosecution for his actions.

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