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Before Taking A Selfie, Cruel Beast Glued Pet Hamster To A Plastic Bottle

This guy is unbelievable (and unbelievably stupid)! Selfies are sometimes cute – but this is cruel! Raeef Saeed, 24, actually glued his hamster to that water bottle and took a selfie – and then posted it on Facebook. What did he expect would happen? Did he want praise or maybe a cookie? We are not sure if he got any, but the RSPCA took him to court!

Saeed pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and got a year’s ban on keeping animals. Saeed also got a year of community service and 80 hours of unpaid work. The hamster, a Russian dwarf hamster, hasn’t been found. An RSPCA inspector visited Saeed’s home and was shown an empty hamster cage.

Take a look at this selfie

monster and hamster

Image Credit: RSPCA

Saeed said that he pried the hamster off with a spoon and washed it with water. But, I wouldn’t believe a word that monster says.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]