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An Abandoned Kitten Lies In The Yard — Then A Crow Swoops In And Does The Unthinkable

Crow meets kitten. Do you think you know how that story turns out? Well, one look at the picture and you can see that things turned out quite well for both the kitten and the crow! Not all birds are enemies with cats – mind-blowing, isn’t it? The cat you see here was a stray that was found wandering around the neighborhood as a kitten.

An elderly couple spotted him and tried to help him out as best they could. Little did they know, the kitten already had a guardian angel, a crow. Watch the video and see how close the bird and the cat are. It will blow your mind and melt your heart!

Take a look at this video

This gives humans hope – right? If a bird and a cat (who are supposed to be enemies) can get along, then people should be able to get along too. This is something to aim for. Peace on earth. The animals are showing us how it is done.

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