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He Didn’t Always Walk Crooked. But When He Peed On The Floor, His Former Humans Beat Him

This story is told from the perspective of the dog. The dog’s name is Baxter. He was severely abused by his owner. When the Nebraska Humane Society found him, they didn’t think he would survive. But, Baxter had a very strong will to survive and pulled through. Because of the abuse he suffered, Baxter has permanent brain damage, and he walks a little crooked.

Sometimes, he has trouble holding his body up. But, he is still a gentle and loving dog that just wants to be loved. Hearing the story from Baxter’s point of view really is quite a shock. If you are a pet owner or even just an animal lover, your heart will go out to him. Grab a tissue and watch.

Take a look at this video

Please be kind to animals. If you see someone abuse and animal – do something, say something. Animals deserve respect and love. Share away, people.