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People See Crocodile Spit This Out Into River, Disturbed To See What Happened (Video)

After killing a man in Indonesia, the crocodile returned the body the next day! Yes, it is true. On July 18, the murderous crocodile dragged the body of a 41-year-old man known as Syarifuddin to his death in the waters in Berau, Indonesia. Law enforcement was unable to find the man’s body, and everyone assumed him to be lost.

A witch doctor in the village was contacted, and he cast a spell to have the crocodile bring Syarifuddin back unharmed. The next morning, the crocodile did return to everyone’s surprise, but Syarifuddin was dead. One resident claims that people who take baths in the river without clothes will be killed by crocodiles – but if you are wearing clothes, the crocs will leave you alone.

Take a look at this video

That is good information to have if you decide to go bathing in the waters of Indonesia! Share away, people.