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If You Think You Know What This Creature Is… You’re Probably Wrong. I Can’t Believe They Exist!

Most people love puppies, kittens, and babies – because they are so darn cute! Check out this cutie! There are plenty more of his kind at Happy Hens and Highland Farm, located in North Carolina. Happy Hens is a family farm run by Adam and Emily Hopson, and they raise a herd of Scottish Highlands and Scottish Highland crosses.

The Highland breed is hardy, and their coat allows them to breed during the winter.

According to Wikipedia, their milk is high in butterfat, and their meat is lower in cholesterol than other kinds of beef.

According to the Happy Hens website, all of their cattle are antibiotic and hormone free that feed on grass and the occasional local beer grain.

None of the cattle are raised for beef, they are all registered breeding stock, pets, and are sold to hobby farms.