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These Creative Signs Are The Craziest Ones You Could Possibly See

Small businesses need to attract patrons, and putting up signs is one great way to do so.

They’re visible to passing vehicles and pedestrians who might just decide to pop in for a visit.

But with all the competitors out there, they have to make sure their sign stands out – and some of them get pretty creative with it!

This might be why so many establishments seem to try to have fun with their signs, making them silly, punny, or just plain wacky.

Whatever the case, it’s a great way to get those who read them to smile or laugh, potentially attracting new customers.

We’re a big fan of these funny signs ourselves, so we’ve scoured the Internet for a bunch of photographs of our favorites.

Some of them go a little overboard, but they’re all in good fun! Check out these hilarious fast food joint, gas station, and store signs!

1. This probably could have been phrased better – but hey! At least they’re warning you!

2. Some businesses will resort to guilt-tripping just to get your money, huh?

3. This store, which wants to make sure that it’s not alienating a valuable target market.

4. This station, which just wants you to be prepared for your high-stakes, movie-style drives…

5. … and this station, which is frankly, quite tired of being mistaken for a Taco Bell…

6. … and finally, this station, which would really love someone to mistake it for a Taco Bell.

7. This gas station knows you aren’t stopping for a bite to eat so much as for a quick trip to the bathroom.

8. Little did we know that the solution to vegan bacon was right within our grasp this whole time.

9. These people know how to look on the positive side of things. I guess there’s a silver lining to every cloud, after all?

10. This sign will get an exhausted chuckle from any tired parent…

11. … and this sign will get an exhausted chuckle from pretty much everyone else.

12. This business aims to catch you pondering the state of insect immunity.

13. This pump, which definitely doesn’t have a mechanical problem and could totally print out a receipt if it just tried hard enough.

14. Even cars can’t get enough of that fall season commercialism.

15. Some signs even try to give advice – like these guys, who managed to find a way to tell a joke while preventing late-night accidents…

16. … or these fellows, who have some worryingly specific advice to give…

17. … or this company, which wants you to reconsider some age-old proverbs…

18. … or these people, who make it clear that their accident-prevention motives are purely selfish.

19. Speaking of specific, this cryptic set of prohibitions seems to suggest that this location has a bad history with cigarettes, ice cream, and some unknown kind of animal.

20. This is a promise we’ll be holding this business to.

21. I don’t think the makers of this sign have their irony filters on.

22. Some companies just want to give you an accidental but friendly hello.

23. These guys, who are asking the real important questions. (Seriously, what does happen? My brain hurts.)

24. Wait, this one is even more of a paradox to ponder.

25. Alright, that’s it, I’m done. Talk about a relatable mood.

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