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5 Easy Ways To Remove Those Dreaded Cracked Heels

Heels that are frequently cracked or dry are a nuisance to those who have them.

They can feel uncomfortable and irritated and even result in some pain.

Even if the only side effect you get from cracked heels is from an appearance standpoint, this doesn’t mean you won’t be annoyed by them and want to reduce their severity.

Cracked heels are typically the result of overly dry skin, caused by the application of pressure and weight onto the pads of fat located beneath the heel.

This leads to the sideways expansions of the skin, and when that skin does not receive sufficient moisture, it loses its elasticity, becomes overly rigid and stiff, and is at higher risk of cracking.

This is why dry or cold weather often exacerbates this issue.

For those who are able to, taking a trip to a salon, spa, or similar service for a pedicure can solve this problem pretty quickly, but not everyone has the money to spend on this, or the time.

The good news is that it’s not impossible to help cure these cracked or dry heels on your own at home.

The best part is that you likely already have some of these remedies sitting around at home!

Here are just 5 ways to prevent and treat cracked heels.

1. Soaking In Water

When your feet are immersed in water, the dead or dry skin on the heels will soften.

Simply grab some soapy water at a lukewarm temperature and soak your feet for around 20 minutes.

Then, use either a scrubber or a loofah on that soften skin in order to slowly remove dead skin.

For an extra germ-busting soak, pour a bit of Listerine into the foot bath.

This addition can even provide some moisturizing qualities.

2. Honey

Honey is a great after-treatment for when you’re done with a foot bath, and using some as a scrub after you’re done with that soak can be a great way to protect the feet from microbes and keep it healthy.

Of course, you can just use honey on its own, too!

Apply some of this gooey substance onto the base of your feet as a sort of foot mask to enjoy antibacterial, healing, cleansing, and moisturizing properties.

3. Moisturizers

If you’re willing to make the investment, most pharmacies or drug stores stock special moisturizers that are designed specifically to treat the heels.

Usually known as heel balms, these products are made in order to exfoliate the dead skin by softening them and providing them with moisture.

If you have a thick moisturizer of any variety at home, you can try using that, too!

Either way, put the moisturizer on twice or thrice a day.

4. Vaseline

This is a great overnight treatment that you can use.

Simply place a good coat of Vaseline over your cracked heels, then slip some cotton socks over it. Do this right before bed and then hop in and leave on overnight.

This will allow the vaseline’s moisture to be absorbed into the feet.

Don’t skip out on the socks, though, or else you might find your sheets stained in the morning!

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works for so many things – is it really a surprise that it will work here too?

Coconut oil is great for getting the heels to retain moisture, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent injury, infections, and bleeding.