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Coyote Looks Like He’s About To Eat The Kitty, But Keep Watching… This Is The Best Thing Ever

Survival of the fittest is a cruel reality. Charles Darwin introduced us to that concept in the late 1800s. Basically, it means that the strong (species) or the healthy individuals are the ones that will survive and continue the species. Weaker species are victims of the stronger ones.

So, when you see a coyote and a domesticated cat, you already know in the back of your mind that the cat is going to be eaten – right? Not always! The cat could escape – or the cat could end up playing with the coyote! The coyote in this video is tame, and he loves to play with the family cat.

Take a look at this video!

Please don’t bring wild animals into your home and try to raise them. Things may not turn out good for you or for them. That being said – I hope you enjoyed the video!

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