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Baby Cow Decides To Investigate Strange ‘Rock’ On The Grass, Immediately Regrets His Decision!

Cows meet turtle. I guess we all just assume that most animals in the wild have run into one another at least once. But this video proves that these cows have never (ever) seen a turtle in their lives, and after this meeting, they will probably avoid all contact with them in the future! The brave calf is the first one to approach the turtle.

Just watch the turtle – did you know they could do that? The calf is so scared it jumps straight up in the air. A bigger cow tries to get a quick sniff and ends up getting scared too! Soon the whole herd of cows runs off! Lesson learned! Turtles do not like it when cows try to smell them.

Take a look at this video!

Honestly, if a turtle did that to me, I would run away from it too! Share away, people!