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Cowboy Grabs Woman On Ice. Their Unusual Next Move Has Everyone On Their Feet

When you think of ice skating, you typically think of graceful movements set to classical tunes, or at least soft, melodic ballads that practically sing of swan-like elegance. In fact, one genre of music you’ve probably never associated with a perfectly executed ice skating routine is country music. I mean, how would that even work? This video will show you!

John and Sinead Kerr are siblings and professional ice skaters, and their career has been full of surprising and unique performances that truly demonstrate their ability to think outside of the box while maintaining perfect form and technique. At the ISU 2010 European Figure Skating Championships, they did exactly that.

Image Credit: YouTube

The Kerrs made the odd song choice of one of Johnny Cash’s twanging country tunes, and the pair showed up on the ice in cowboy hats, plaid flannel, and faded jeans. At first, everyone was a little confused about what kind of routine this would be, but the moment the two began to move, the crowd was impressed and on its feet!

Image Credit: YouTube

John and Sinead show off tons of Western-inspired moves mixed in with traditional tricks and spins, from jumping over each other to carrying each other and even performing plenty of twirls and swirls in their tricks, and it certainly paid off! The two placed fifth in the competition, but clearly won over the audience. Watch the video to see why!

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