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Man Photographed Comforting Mother Cow After She Lost Her Calf During Labor

Animals have feelings, too.

While many people are quick to assume that because they experience emotions differently, they don’t experience them at all, this is far from the case!

If there’s anyone who knows that this is true, it’s Benjamin Tipps.

He was home visiting his family for Mother’s Day at the time.

In a field nearby, a cow had been going through a difficult labor process and had been in labor for several days.

Tipps spotted what was happening and watched from a distance.

Suddenly, the cow collapsed and fell forwards onto the ground.

Tipps rushed to see what had happened, and when he saw it, he was overwhelmed with sadness.

The newborn calf’s sac had burst during the labor, and the baby had been stillborn.

The cow realized that she had lost her baby and was distressed.

She became sad and motionless, reluctant to move.

Tipps knew she was mourning and ached to comfort her – so he did.

He lay down next to her, pet her, and kept her company as she grieved.

Take a look at this photo

cow grieving

Image Credit: Brenda Yahm / Twitter

Tipps’ wife Kayla took a photograph of the bittersweet moment and posted it online, speaking of the kindness of her husband’s heart.

We’d do well to remember that animals aren’t that different from us, after all.

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