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Couple Rescue Abandoned Puppies From A Sealed Box, Then Read A Heartbreaking Note

This box of puppies was found by a couple hiking in the woods in Texas. The box was sealed shut and just sitting in the forest. The box had the words “Shoot Me” written on it. How sad and tragic that someone thought that was what needed to be done to the six puppies. The puppies were all alive, but emaciated.

The couple was able to get in touch with The Underdog Project, which is an organization based out of Dallas that provides medical care to neglected or stray dogs.

Karen Rene’e, a volunteer with the group, came out and collected the puppies. The puppies were given an exam.

Their age was estimated to be about one month. One pup had an infected wound on her face, and another puppy’s tail had been bitten almost right through.