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Couple Refuse To Let Go Of Their Dogs During Terrifying Flash Flood Rescue

Record-breaking rainfall battered Japanese towns in early September 2015, submerging Joso City, 50 km north of the country’s capital. The kinugawa River located near the residential area has burst its banks, causing large amounts of water to hit Ibaraki prefecture.

Japanese military helicopters were dispatched to help the residents in need who signaled their presence on their rooftops. However, it wasn’t just humans that were rescued.

The touching screen captures reveal footage showing a Japanese family rescued by helicopter as floods hit eastern Japan, while carrying their dogs with them all the while.

Image Credit: IBTimes UK / Youtube

Thankfully, the rescues went smoothly throughout Joso city.

Image Credit: IBTimes UK / Youtube

Click to watch the news report below:

Wasn’t it extremely selfless of them?

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