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Dad Won’t Let Daughter Marry Fiancé. Years Later She Finds Engagement News Saved In Mom’s Wallet

In 1961, Janice and Prentiss fell in love. They kissed, held hands (as was the way in the 60s), and got engaged! But, they never got married because Janice’s father wouldn’t allow it. Janice’s father threatened to cut her off if she kept seeing Prentiss. Despite this, Janice and Prentiss knew that one day they would get married to each other.

Janice and Prentiss separated, and each got married. Janice would think of Prentiss nearly every day. After 50 years, Janice and Prentiss got back in touch with each other – and as fate would have it – they got married! The happy couple said their vows in the courtyard where they first met back in 1961!

Take a look at this video!

Janice says that the marriage is just perfect! This just goes to show you that if it is meant to be – it will happen! You just may have to wait. Share away, people!