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Camera Pans Over To Couple For Kiss, He Rejects Her So She Gets The Ultimate Revenge

The kiss cam is a fun thing that happens during sporting events – right? The camera finds a couple and puts their image up on the screen, they kiss and get a round of applause! Unless you really don’t want to kiss your wife or girlfriend in public, then it is just plain awkward!

This is a special “Beauty and the Beast” kiss cam during a game at Philip Arena in Atlanta, and it cycles through couple after couple. Then we get to the guy in the red hat and his beer. There is no way he is kissing his girl, so she kisses the man next to her! The man she kissed is over the moon!

Take a look at this video!

The woman’s boyfriend gets all mad and leaves! Dude, if you don’t want your girl kissing other men – don’t embarrass her like that! I think he had it coming.

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